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Smartgen Generator Controller HGM6110/HGM6120UC (English Version)

Compatible with HGM6110 - RM700/pcs

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HGM6100U series automatic controller, integrating digital, intelligent and network techniques, is used for automatic control and monitoring system of genset. It can carry out functions of automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and three .remote. (remote control, remote measure and remote communication). The controller uses LCD display, optional display interface including Chinese, English, Spanish and Russian with easy and reliable operation.

HGM6100U series automatic controller uses micro-processing technique which can achieve precision measurement, value adjustment, timing and threshold setting etc.. All the parameters can be configured from front panel or use programmable interface (or RS485 interface) to adjust via PC. It can be widely used in all types of automatic control system for its compact structure, simple connections and high reliability.

Smartgen Battery Charger 12V / 24VDC (BAC06A)

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Download BAC06A datasheet here

BAC06 series switching battery charger adopts the latest switch power components, which is designed for charging lead-acid starting battery according to its property. The charger is suitable for lead-acid battery float charge. The maximum charge current for 12V charger is 6A; the maximum charge current for 24V charger is 3A.

Smartgen Generator Controller | Battery Charger BAC06